“I believe food that you have made with your own hands, with love and care, is one of the best gifts you can give another person.”

— Mum (Mary Calombaris)

The story starts in 2008

Driven by chefs George Calombaris and Travis McAuley, the first Hellenic Republic was opened in Brunswick in 2008. Inspired by the heritage and many lunches at George’s mum’s house, Hellenic Republic celebrates old-school Greek hospitality. That idea of everyone being welcomed to the table and no one leaving it until they’re truly full.

And continues today

Our goal is to provide an authentic family taverna experience. One that does justice to the incredible flavours of modern Greece while making our ancestors proud.

“I’m so grateful I grew up in a family that takes such pleasure from cooking for the people they love.”

— George Calombaris

Travis McAuley, Executive Chef

More than just food

The Hellenic way of dining is truly something. More than just the idea of food in the middle of the table, it brings people together in the spirit of generosity and love. Emphasising fresh produce and little details done well, a true Hellenic meal means heart-warming and wholesome dishes to leave everyone at the table happy.

We look after our friends, too

We like to keep it real, which is why we love helping others. We are proud to support: